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OUTCAST 06 – Dean Driscoll

Our new episode of OUTCAST was mixed and compiled by Dean Driscoll. As a part of the duo “Disco&Mercy” we invited him to submit an episode for our podcast series as he is already known for his flawless track selection and mixing skills.

Based in London Dean worked for the famous clubs “Fabric” and “Matter”, while beginning his own DJ career forming “Disco&Mercy” in 2009 with his friend and housemate Doug Kerr (@dougmercy). He moved to Berlin in September 2010 to head up the publicity department for Richie Hawtin’s Minus & Plus 8 labels. For his mix it’s best to hear what Dean himself has to say:

“I’ve called this my ‘Far Away’ mix, dedicated to people in a long-distance relationship who are missing somebody far, far away – something I’ve been experiencing for the first time and been talking about with friends in Berlin who have experienced similar. If you’ll excuse the pretentiousness, by both accident and design some of the track names and the feelings they create kind of tie into ideas of distance, travel, patience and memories – I’ve tried to program the tracks so that it builds up in a way that mirrors that excitement you feel when you’re about to see that person for the first time in weeks or even months. I wanted to make sure all the tracks also had some sort of emotional resonance too, so a few of the tracks – particularly towards the end – have quite a melancholy feel to them, which I always find really beautiful.”

Check the track list below:

01. DJ Phono – Paper Aeroplane (Diynamic)
02. Djungl – Time (Ethereal Sound)
03. Gang Colours – Fireworks In Pocket (Brownswood Recordings)
04. unknown artist – 9997_B (STABLO)
05. Joe Goddard – Apple Bobbing (Greco-Roman)
06. Gus Gus – Over (Tale Of Us & DJ Tennis remix) (Kompakt)
07. Deadboy – Wish U Were Here (Numbers)
08. Scuba – Adrenaline (forthcoming Hotflush Recordings)
09. Andre Lodemann – Riven Reminisces (Freerange)
10. Rone – So So So (InFine)

OUTCAST 06 – Dean Driscoll (Disco&Mercy)

You can check out all of Dean’s previous mixes & podcasts via his Soundcloud page, and keep up with what he and his Disco&Mercy partner-in-crime are up to via their blogFacebook page and Dean’s Twitter.

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Enjoy the mix!


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